Cover Image of KC Energy Expo 1978

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Over forty years ago our organization managed the KC Energy Expositions that attracted between 45 to 60,000 attendees for each annual event and was very innovative for that time in history. Our many decades of experience in organizing and offering successful events like the KC Energy Expos helps us craft virtual events for our valued clients that are engaging and original.

Utilizing the advancements in 3D visuals and sound creates events that feel like actually being there, except you don't have to travel and risk exposure to viruses, etc.

There are new, innovative features available for virtual events, such as booths shaped like houses, that include interactive elements and games inside.

Image of Interactive House Booth

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Virtual showrooms that showcase products in rendered 3D format makes receiving orders from clients fast and easy. (See the "Concept Car" and "Product Showcase" videos.)

Expansive auditoriums that educate and entertain large audiences with multimedia features and that also work with 3D goggles make attending virtual events more engaging.

Secured virtual meeting rooms offer advanced features like group chat, phone, videos, and more at your touch.

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